"I am marrying her tomorrow!"

As some of you might know, my husband and I spent last week driving through the state of California, which by far, has been the best trip we've had! We weren't alone; however, we were accompanied by my cousin Araceli, her boyfriend Alvaro, Araceli's brother and sister, and her parents. It was indeed a family affair. Midway through our trip, Alvaro confirmed my suspicion about his plan to propose to Araceli during the trip. He also mentioned he wanted us to get to Yosemite National Park first, a place Araceli had been dying to see.

Long story short, we made it to Yosemite on Friday morning and the scenery was just THE perfect backdrop for the surprise proposal that was about to unfold! As the photographer, of course I had to be in on the secret, I knew when and where it was going to happen. So when we got to the location we discussed, we had Araceli face the mountain with the big waterfall, and I told her I was gonna get a picture of her pointing at it. Alvaro ran behind her and dropped to one knee, he tapped her shoulder and her reaction was PRICELESS!!

What made that moment even more perfect was the fact that her parents, and brother and sister were all there to congratulate the newly engaged couple. On top of all of this, the best part of the surprise was yet to unfold! Alvaro had planned out something so special without telling ANYONE, not even me!

Alvaro made an online reservation at the San Francisco City Hall to get married the next day at noon. Yes, the very next day!! (You can do that in San Francisco lol) When he revealed the surprise we were all shocked but so very excited for them. The next day arrived, and my hubby and I woke up (so late.. we were tired lol), went and bought a freshly cut bouquet and boutonnière from Blossoms Flower Shop in San Francisco. The arrangements were put together in a matter of minutes!! While we did that, Araceli and Alvaro were getting ready to meet at City Hall.

We all met up, and a wedding happened! Short and sweet.. the best little ceremony I've ever been apart of. Cool fact: my husband and I were their witnesses!🤗

With everything happening so fast I wanted to make sure my cousin and her husband (how sweet does that sound... husband and wife!) had something to look back at and remember their perfect engagement and marriage! Watch the short film I put together for the newly weds, as well as their pictures below. As always, let me know what you think! 😃